Mevlana Exchange Program aims to Exchange of students and academic staff between the Turkish higher education institutions and higher educations of other countries. Mevlana Program consists of two different exchanges. One is the Mevlana Exchange Program and the other is the Project-Based Mevlana Program. The following information pertains to the Mevlana Exchange Program


Students who wish to study at Ankara University within the scope of Mevlana Exchange Programme may study minimum 1, maximum 2 semesters. Students will granted for 4 months (1 semester). You may find detailed information from “Grant” title on our website. Students wishing to extend to the second semester must provide their financial situation own their own. Mevlana Exchange students continue to take their other scholarships and grants in their home countries. They have to make registration in their home institutions. Also should pay tuition fee to their home university if they are supposed to. Incoming student do not pay any tuition fee to Ankara University. If incoming students want to benefit from our dormitories, they are charged. Could find fee list from our website.


Academic staff may lecture at Ankara University minimum 14, maximum 89 days. Grants will be calculated according to their duration of stay. In addition, the transportation fee is paid according to the country of destination, which is determined by Higher Education Council. Lecture hours should be maximum 6 hours for a week. If the incoming academic staff requests to stay in the guesthouse of Ankara University, the guesthouse is charged. An agreement with Ankara University is essential for making the mobility. If there is no agreement between the participants’ own university and Ankara University, the application or request is not considered valid. Universities willing to make an agreement can send an e-mail to our office. If deemed appropriate, the agreement shall be arranged and send via e-mail to requesting institution for submitted. When the counterparty approves the content of the agreement, it is submitted to the rectors of the two institutions for signature.


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