Department of Turkish-Islamic Literature deals with the literature that the Turks have produced under the influence of the Islamic religion. Starting from Kutadgu Bilig, the earliest extant work in Turkish written in the 11th century during the Karakhanid dynasty by Yusuf Khass Hajib of Balasagun, Turkish-Islamic Literature has generated its own forms of literary production. The program focuses on different stages of literature such as Divan Literature, Folk Literature, and Tekke Literature. In addition, it offers courses on topics including the relation between religion and literature, the relation between Sufism and literature, the history of Turkish-Islamic literature, and primary sources in the field. Rıfkı Melül Meriç, Necati Lugal, Mahmud Esad Coşan, and Fevziye Abdullah Tansel are among the well-known professors who have contributed to the development of the Department.