Department of Arabic Language and Rhetoric focuses on giving information to students about linguistics, sources of Arabic language and literary, history and schools of Arabic grammar as well as rhetoric, classical Arabic poetry and prose. The program aims to educate students who produce knowledge in relevant field and share the knowledge with other academics in national and international levels. When Arabic language is considered the backbone of Islamic studies, it is understood that the program has important place in Faculty of Divinities.

Members of this department are as follows:

Prof. Salih Zafer KIZIKLI (Head of Department)

Prof. Soner GÜNDÜZÖZ

Assoc. Prof. Ömer ACAR

Assist. Prof. İbrahim FİDAN

Res. Asst. Ayşe Nuran CANSIZ

Res. Asst. Ramazan KILIÇ

Lect. Bünyamin KORUCU

Lect. Hacı Ekber FERGANİ

Lect. Dr. Mohamad TURKEY

Lect. Dr. Walid Ramadan SALAMA

Lect. Sara MANSOUR

Lect. Nazır ALCHİCKH

Lect. Khaled YOUSSEF

Lect. Fardous ALYOSSINO


Lect. Abdulkrım ALBHLOUL