Our library was established in 1949 with the establishment of the Faculty of Divinity. It has an important place with its books, periodicals, theses and valuable manuscripts among divinity faculties. The library consists of two parts, the old building and the new building. Books, which subject numbers, are between 000-297.6 and photocopy center are located in the old building. Books which subject numbers are between 297.6-999, manuscript hall, thesis hall, technical services and issue desk are located in the new building. Divinity library serves to any current members and students of Ankara University as well as all external researchers.


Opening Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 08.45 -19.45
  • On Saturdays: between 09.00-17.00

Note: Because of COVID-19, Divinity library is open only weekdays from 08.45 to 17.15.


How to… Find Books Borrow, Renew, Return or Reverse Print, Scan or Photocopy

Find Books: All of the books in Divinity library are part of the university’s online catalogue. Therefore, you can search out items from anywhere (for off-campus access http://library.en.ankara.edu.tr/) or via computers in the library.

For University’s online catalogue to search all libraries across the university, please look at http://katalog.ankara.edu.tr/

For catalogue of manuscripts of Divinity library http://www.divinity.ankara.edu.tr/ All of the manuscripts can be downloaded with their URL link

Borrow Books: You can borrow books by applying the issue desk in the new building

The number of materials, which can be borrowed

Academic Staff Graduate Student Undergraduate Students and Administrative Staff
Maximum number of material: 20 Maximum number of materials:15 Maximum number of materials: 10
Initial loan length: 15 days Initial loan length: 15 days Initial loan length: 15 days

Renew Books: You have two options when it comes to renewing books

Return Books: During opening hours, by coming issue desk of Divinity library you can return books.

Print, Scan or Photocopy Books: In the entrance of library, we have photocopy center which serves from 09.00 to 12.30 and from 13.30 to 16.00 on weekdays.



Books: The Divinity Library holds about 100.000 books on different subjects in different languages.

Dissertations: Since first graduates, we have collected graduate, MA and PHD dissertations, which are approximately 11000.

Manuscripts: The Divinity Library has 2200 printed manuscripts. All of them is accessible in Pdf format.

Periodicals: There are about 500 volumes periodicals.

Electronic resources: Almost all our electronic resources are available campus-wide, to any current member of the University. For online databases http://library.en.ankara.edu.tr/, ebooks http://library.en.ankara.edu.tr/, journals http://search.ebscohost.com/, academic achieve system of University of Ankara https://dspace.ankara.edu.tr/

New acquisitions: New items are regularly added to the collection and they will be put on display on the shelves opposite the issue desk in the new building and are available to borrow.

Note: If Divinity Library does not have book, which you are looking for, you can apply Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service, which enables users to borrow books/articles from other university and research libraries in Turkey. In addition, if you fill out resource request form (http://katalog.ankara.edu.tr/), Divinity Faculty can buy resources that you want.


Library Rules

  • Users who want to make use of the thesis can take a photocopy of the relevant parts of the thesis with the written permission of the thesis owner or supervisor.
  • Any current member of the Ankara University and external researches may use the Divinity library whenever the library is open. However, if you are external researches and want to borrow a book, you have to register library firstly.
  • It is forbidden to eat, drink (except bottled water) or smoke in the library.


Contact us

  • Chief Librarian: Burhan Uluışık

Tel: +90 312 212 68 00/1209

Mail: uluisik@divinity.ankara.edu.tr

  • Information Desk: Mustafa Arslan

Tel: +90 312 212 68 00/1317

  • Issue Desk: Nilüfer Cücelioğlu

 Tel: +90 312 212 68 00/1282

  • Technical Service: Pervin Toksoy

Tel: +90 312 212 68 00/1318

  • Rabia Kuralay

Tel: +90 312 212 68 00/1318

  • Caner Söylemez

Tel: +90 312 212 68 00/1318

  • Mehmet Zülfi Turan

Tel: +90 312 212 68 00/1319

  • Aygün Bayındır

Tel: +90 312 212 68 00/1319

  • Hatice Ünalan

Tel: +90 312 212 68 00/1319