Department of Philosophy of Religion deals with religion in the context of philosophy and introduces central themes, both historical as well as contemporary, in the philosophy of religion. In this framework, the program focuses on main problems of metaphysics, main problems of Philosophy of Religion, main problems of ethics, idea of soul and immortality, theories of creation, theistic and atheistic arguments, logic and philosophical analysis. The program aims to educate students in Philosophy of Religion. Therefore, students are supposed to be able to study and dispute on whether religious beliefs are meaningful, true, possible and reasonable; whether these beliefs have an intrinsic consistency and unity; which results are derived from these beliefs; whether these beliefs have explanatory power. Hilmi Ziya Ülken, Hamdi Ragıp Atademir, Mehmet Karasan, Necati Öner, Mehmet S. Aydın, and Süleyman Hayri Bolay are among the prestigious professors who have contributed to the scholarly development of the Department.