Prof. Dr. İhsan Çapcıoğlu


Researches of sociology of religion in Turkey started with the translation of basic sociology of religion works and with articles and books of Prince Sabahaddin, Ziya Gökalp, Mehmet İzzet Salahaddin Asım, Necmeddin Sadak, and Hilmi Ziya Ülken. Until the mid-20th century, the course of sociology of religion continued with compiled and translated articles, several works of sociology of religion, and short chapters assigned to religion in sociological works. In 1949, when the chair of Sociology of Religion was established at the Faculty of Theology at Ankara University, the process of academic institutionalization was also started. Since then, there have been studies parallel to the understanding of sociology of religion in the West, which strictly adhere to scientific methodological principles. Today, academic studies have been continuing in the departments of sociology of religion within the faculties of theology. Turkish Sociology of Religion, which has recently been institutionalized as a scientific discipline, continues its academic activities with an increasing number of scientific studies. Contemporary Turkish sociologists attempt to develop communication with their colleagues through publications, annual coordination meetings, and symposiums.

Imprint info: Çapcıoğlu, İhsan (2021). Sociology of Religion in Turkey: Historical Background and Recent Developments. In Sociology of Religion in Turkey, (ed. Şahin, Z. A., Yapıcı, A. & Demmrich, S.). Istanbul: Çamlıca Publications.